Quick Answer: What State In Mexico Has The Most Cartels?

Where is El Chapo son now?

He is now serving a life sentence at a super-maximum-security prison in Colorado.

The younger Guzmán was also indicted by a U.S.

grand jury over charges he and his brother Joaquín Guzmán López were conspiring to traffic and distribute cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in the United States..

Where is the cartel most active?

It has repeatedly been said to be one of the strongest criminal organizations and the most powerful in Mexico since at least the late 2000s and early 2010s by various sources including the Los Angeles Times. The Sinaloa Cartel operates in the “Golden Triangle”, the states of Sinaloa, Durango, and Chihuahua.

Who is the richest drug lord now?

Pablo Escobar is considered the richest gangster of all time, with his peak net worth estimated at $30 billion.

What cartels are in Mexico now?

Cartels:Sinaloa Cartel.Jalisco New. Generation Cartel.Gulf Cartel. Los Metros.Knights Templar Cartel. (2011–2017)Los Viagras.La Familia Michoacana.Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.Los Zetas.More items…

What Colombian cartels are still active?

The Sinaloa Cartel is the most active, Guarin said, and has alliances with the ELN, former FARC members and the Clan del Golfo crime gang.

Why is El Chapo’s son incarcerated?

According to a former American official and another person briefed on the matter, the force behind the cartel’s rapid and effective response was yet another Guzmán — El Chapo’s older son, Ivan, who has taken a prominent role in the cartel since his father was caught, extradited to the United States and sentenced to …

Who is the biggest drug lord in Mexico right now?

ZambadaZambada headed the Sinaloa Cartel in partnership with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, until 2016 when El Chapo was captured. Zambada has now possibly assumed full command of the Sinaloa Cartel. Zambada is likely Mexico’s most enduring and powerful drug lord.

Is Mexico a narco state?

Examples of some narco-states are described below. Other well-known examples are Mexico, Colombia, and Guinea-Bissau, where drug cartels produce, ship and sell drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. The term is often seen as ambiguous because of the differentiation between narco-states.

Who runs El Chapo’s cartel?

Joaquin “El Chapo” GuzmanThat organization is a faction of the Mexican organized crime syndicate known as the Sinaloa Cartel, once run by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Who is the biggest drug lord in Colombia now?

The wild life of Carlos Lehder, Pablo Escobar’s drug trafficking partner. Pablo Escobar’s former right-hand man has been deported from a US prison to Germany. The Colombian-German national revolutionized cocaine smuggling — and his life is more unbelievable than the most gripping telenovela.

What is the biggest cartel in Mexico 2019?

the Sinaloa CartelThe US government has described the Sinaloa Cartel as one of the largest drug-trafficking organisations in the world.

Who is Chapo Guzman’s son?

Guzmán López is a son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. He has been involved in his father’s drug trafficking business since he was a teenager, and has taken a prominent role of the Sinaloa Cartel after his father’s arrest.

Who ran the biggest drug cartel?

Pablo EscobarIt is said that Pablo Escobar once burnt two million dollars in cash to keep his daughter warm while on the run. Escobar was the boss the famous Medellin Cartel, the most powerful drug empire to exist and is said to have had over twice the power and money as their rivals, the Cali Cartel.

Who is Felix Gallardo wife?

María Elvira MurilloMiguel Ángel Félix Gallardo/Spouse

Who runs the Tijuana cartel?

Luis Fernando Sánchez ArellanoToday the group is led by the Arellanos’ nephew, Luis Fernando Sánchez Arellano. The Tijuana Cartel has infiltrated the Mexican law enforcement and judicial systems and is directly involved in street-level trafficking within the United States.