Question: What Is A Rainbowcorn?

How do I know its a Rainbocorn?

The Rainbocorns come in a large, reusable plastic egg.

Remove the plastic wrap from the egg and you can brush the removable sequin heart to see which symbol it has on it; this tells you which Rainbocorn you have inside!.

How many different Rainbocorns are there?

12 different RainbocornsThere are 12 different Rainbocorns based on 6 cuddly cute animals and every animal comes in two fun, funky designs.

What is Rainbocorn poop?

The egg also contained a set of stickers, a charm bracelet, a collectors guide and a pack of Rainbocorn poop! The poop consists of a variety of colours in soft fluffy foam-like scented substance that can be moulded and blended into a new colour.

Where can you find Rainbocorns?

Rainbocorns Series 2 The Ultimate Surprise Egg by ZURU – –

Does Target have Rainbocorns?

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What is Rainbocorn latest?

The newest Rainbocorn series has all the perks kids are used to — rainbows, sparkles, and surprises — but this time with giant hair. The Rainbocorn Big Hair Surprise series from ZURU features 30 layers of surprises, all with hair and style in mind.

Last year, Rainbocorns topped the NPD 50 toy list, over 10 retailers listed it as a top holiday gifts and the toy earned seven industry awards around the globe. The first series sold out globally within its first month with retailers doubling their reorders in the first few weeks of product hitting shelves.

What is a rainbow corn toy?

Rainbocorns, made for kids ages 3 and up, are a collection of colorful plush animals blended with unicorns. … Kids don’t know exactly which of the 12 Rainbocorns they’ll discover when they open the egg.