Can I Take Alcohol To Rottnest?

How much is a day trip to Rottnest?

Package pricing 2019/2020Day tour packagesPrices starting fromDiscover RottnestPrices from $119.50Adventure RottnestPrices from $140.50Adventure Rottnest with Bike hirePrices from $170.50Thrill RidePrices from $119.502 more rows.

How long is the ferry trip to Rottnest?

Rottnest ferries take approximately 25 minutes from Fremantle, 45 minutes from Hillarys Boat Harbour, or 90 minutes from Perth’s Barrack Street Jetty.

Can I go to Rottnest Island?

Because of its small size, Rottnest Island can easily be explored by bus, segway and even walking tours. An Island Explorer bus provides an easy and convenient way to get from beach to bay, with day, weekend and holiday passes available.

What can you take to Rottnest Island?

Bring a printout of your ferry ticket, motion sickness tablets for the ferry ride, swimsuit, lots of sunscreen (reef-safe if possible), sunglasses and a towel for your Rottnest Island day trip.

Can you drink the water on Rottnest Island?

2 answers. Yes all tap water on Rottnest is drinkable. over a year ago. I purchased bottled water at the island’s store.

Is Rottnest Island worth visiting?

So if you ask us, we say YES, Rottnest is worth a visit! If you can pick a good weather day, go ahead and spoil yourself and enjoy the adventure, meet the happiest animal on the planet and don’t forget to grab that famous #quokkaselfie!

Can you stay overnight on Rottnest Island?

Rottnest Island has a large range of accommodation available, from premium accommodation with ocean views to basic camping and cabins. If you’ve been to Rottnest before, you might already know where you’d like to stay. … We’d love to have you back on the island.

How much is the bus on Rottnest Island?

DescriptionPrice QtyDay Pass – ADULTRequires Date/Time $20.00Day Pass – CHILD Child tickets are valid for children between 5 and 12 years of Age (Children 4 and under ride free).Requires Date/Time $15.002 more rows

Is there a bus on Rottnest Island?

Discover Rottnest Bus Tour The bus stops at two key vantage points – Wadjemup Lighthouse and the rugged West End – where passengers can hop off, take a short walk and soak up the views. You might even meet a quokka or two along the way.

How long does it take to walk around Rottnest Island?

With four completed trails and a fifth on the way, you could easily spend a week winding your way around the abundance of spectacular scenes that are located along the trail network.

How much is the ferry to Rottnest?

The prices for Rottnest Fast Ferries are $67.50 for adults, $42 for children (that’s any child aged four or over) and $5 for infants. But then you have to add the landing fees which are $16.50 for adults and $6 for children.

Are there sharks in Rottnest Island?

Two spear-fishermen have had a close call with a great white shark at Rottnest Island on Sunday. The men say they were in Geordie Bay at 2.15pm when the 3.8m shark started charging them. … Sunday’s sighting comes just a week after an Esperance beach was closed when two bronze whaler sharks were spotted metres from shore.

How do you see quokkas on Rottnest Island?

Top spots for quokka sightingsThe Settlement.Bike parking area near Porpoise Bay.Under the trees on Wadjemup Rd on the way to Wadjemup Lighthouse.Garden Lake.Defence Rd just past Digby Dr. Photo Credit: Rottnest Island Authority.

How long do you need to spend on Rottnest Island?

2 nightsRottnest is best when staying at least 2 nights that way you can relax and get around the island and enjoy the spots while not being rushed, I wouldn’t go anymore than 2 nights though.

What is the best time to visit Rottnest Island?

The best time to visit Rottnest Island is in Autumn or Spring. The months of October and November are recommended as the weather is perfect and the seas calm enough for a swim or water sports. Rottnest Island has a temperate Mediterranean style climate with wet-mild winters and dry summers.

Do you have to wear a helmet on Rottnest Island?

Rottnest Island Police are supporting a summer safety campaign to encourage you to wear a helmet whilst you enjoy a ride around the island.

Does anyone live on Rottnest Island?

It has a permanent population of around 300 people, with around 500000 annual visitors (and up to 15000 visitors at a time during peak periods). … Rottnest is well known for its population of quokkas, a small native marsupial found in very few other locations.

Do you need to book Rottnest ferry in advance?

Great way to travel to Rottnest. … I suggest you book on line in advance as it can book out and leave little available at the ferry kiosk on the jetty on the day of travel. If you’re rushed for time, the Rottnest Express has several services throughout the day from Fremantle.